Libyan human rights activist Hassan al-Amin speaks to students 24/4/2014 11:42 Libyan human rights activist Hassan al-Amin speaks to students
حسن الأمين بحث

The American School in Japan - Tokyo

On April 10th, high school students had the opportunity to attend a speech by Mr. Hassan al-Amin, a Libyan human rights activist. Mr. al-Amin spoke about the history of conflict in Libya including the recent ouster of dictator Muammar Gaddafi. He explained the factors that make it difficult to track and prevent human rights abuses committed by both Gaddafi’s supporters and his dissidents.

Mr. Fred Abraham, a member of the international organization Human Rights Watch, also spoke about the impact of Mr. al-Amin’s work and the importance of not turning a blind eye to the areas of the world in need. Mr. al-Amin is a recent recipient of  Human Rights Watch’s Alison Des Forges Award which celebrates the valor of individuals who put their lives on the line to protect the dignity and rights of others.

After the speech, ASIJ recognized the winning entries in the Human Rights Watch student essay contest:

Kari Wadden – The Lost Children of Japan: Restoring the Rights of Institutionalized “Orphans”

Faysal Demir  - The Muted Outrage: Persecution of Rohingyas in Burma

Billy Fujii – Japanese State Secrets Law

Jane Schlesinger – Homelessness in Japan

Sasha Woffinden – Japan’s Special Secrets Law: A Threat to Humanity

Kara Huang – After the Khmer Rouge: The Continuing Struggle for Justice

Keno Katsuda – Fukushima – Neglecting Health and Safety

Melanie Xu – Ijime

Kenta Yaegashi – Adoption in Japan: An Overlooked Human Rights Issue

High School Principal Rick Weinland

High School Principal Rick Weinland,
Hassan al-Amin and Fred Abraham

Human Rights Watch student essay winners

More information about Hassan al-Amin


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I am very proud that Mr. Hassan al Amin is LIBYAN . We need few men like him to lead the way. Thanks...
عبدالعاطى محمد
منور ياحسونة. ياريت تهدأ ليبيا بيش نحملوك مسئولية حقوق الإنسان الذى مازال يعانى فى ليبيا...