Centre for American Progress: Report on Libya 11/8/2016 07:00 Centre for American Progress: Report on Libya
ليبيا المشهد السياسي بحث

Next Stips in Libya Economic and Government
Stablization and Security Challenges

By: William Danvers - July 2016 - Centre for American Progress

Introduction and summary

The alarming security, economic, and political trends in Libya are currently a critical issue for the international community. Europeans are particularly con- cerned about Libya as a point of departure for refugees and migrants.1 Despite recent progress, the presence of the Islamic State, or IS, in Libya is also an urgent security issue for the country, as well as for the United States, Europe, and Libya’s neighbors. At the same time, Libya is struggling to unify its government. Libya’s downward economic spiral further complicates the possibility of a uni ed govern- ment and a more stable Libya.

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